Nine Simple Steps to Make Your Instagram account Standout

Sep 19, 2022 | Blogs

Are you in a hustle to make your Instagram account attractive and increase the audience? It’s doable and easy if you are ready to put in a little effort.

In this era of social networking, online marketing and everything digital, people find it important to make their Instagram pages attractive, gain views for YouTube videos, and get their tweets on-trend list.

Let’s discuss how your Instagram page can be made unique, stylish and attractive. Through the following steps, you can achieve it and always remember consistency is the key.

Set a great  Profile Picture

Before opening your account people see your profile picture, maybe on suggestions or while searching for someone or however maybe for that matter. Hence, it’s necessary to be careful and selective while choosing your profile picture. If the page is a business one, you may design a unique logo and keep it as the profile picture. We intend to drive fellow Instagrammers to visit your page and fall in love with it so that they can’t help but follow your page.

Instagram Username

Username is the next big thing to be given priority after your profile picture. Ensure that the username doesn’t have too many symbols that usually won’t appear much in search engines unless the person who is searching is very sure of your username. Also, try to make some unique username to ensure that people shouldn’t get confused and follow someone else with a similar name. You may also add your domain of operation in the username if possible for easy recognition while people search for experts in that specific domain as well. Also, a catchy and unique username for its uniqueness can attract people who are intrigued to see your page. Generating curiosity in viewers is our key.

Work on Your Bio

Bio defines who you are and from there, people derive the first impression about you. Hence, one should try to convey who you are and in case the page is business try to encapsulate your services in the best way possible along with reflecting your years of experience, expertise, operating location and reputation as briefly as possible because there is a word limit. Give the links to your websites, and other social media platforms if you prefer to integrate the followers on all platforms and your contact info.

Use Templates for Your Highlighted Stories

Instagram stories are perhaps a widely used feature and comparatively, people put less thought into it before uploading than they do for uploading a post. However, some stories are worth keeping for more than 24 hours and hence Instagram features the highlight option. Organising the stories into different categories with appropriate titles and covers is one way to make your page attractive. It is aesthetically a wise idea to use suitable templates from the same palette thus giving the whole page a unique palette or hue or design. 

Make Your Grid Organised and Aesthetically Appealing

Planning is the key to organising grids. You can plan what you are going to upload featuring a specific theme, event, location, idea or palette. Before uploading posts you should have enlisted which photo or reel or carousel to be uploaded and the series ready. Make use of series, themes or artistically or aesthetically appealing ways. Now Instagram provides the tool to pin 3 posts and you can wisely choose that those are probably the 1st three posts any new visitor to your page goes through. Make the exploration through your page worthwhile.

Make Use of Unique and Catchy Captions

Captions are the first thing one notices after taking each post. Sometimes, the wordplay or poetic lines you scribble becomes attractive captions. On business posts, captions should be crisp and clear giving the client awareness about the services and product details concisely without making them exhausted from reading long passages in complex language. Business captions should be kept simple but informative enough. Mention the location, client’s name, and business page name. Use keywords as well in captions. 

Be Careful about What you Upload

Always make sure the posts you upload stick to the ethics of business and should not welcome controversy. Ensure that the posts are unique and the content is standard. Stick to the ongoing trends while uploading your posts for better reach. Also, remember your profile theme as well if you are following some. Bring something unique as well as linked to the trends to trend on search engines.

Make Use of Available Features

Instagram from time to time releases varying features. Make use of that. Location, Songs, Collaboration, novel filters, Contact info, simultaneous upload options to Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Watsapp contact link etc are the various features.

Choice of Hashtags

Hashtags are the best method to get ample reach for your posts. Instead of randomly putting some hashtags, use appropriate and carefully chosen ones considering the SEO, and trending factors.

Choice of Tagging People

Tag the clients and a maximum number of people associated with it so that they will also share it as stories and hence get a better reach for the post. Do Collaborations which again enhance the visibility of the post.

The Instagram page or any social media platform for that matter is like a garden. The above steps once done will not be enough. One should constantly maintain it to keep it beautiful and healthy. Consistency and honesty with natural and unique ideas and good content are the essential factors to take care of.

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