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Eerlik Is Designed to Provide Individuals and Brands with Turnkey Solutions to Everything Social.

Listen, engage and augment using a powerful social media management suite and connect with an enriched and convertible audience.

Get Back to Growth with India’s Leading Social Media Management Company

The advent of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter have connected people like never before. Those social channels have presented a huge opportunity for individuals and businesses to reach new customers. With millions of active users, growing your business into the digital world using social media cannot be overlooked. But the dramatic irony is more than 85% of marketers fail to comprehend the correct way to manage their social media channels. But that is not your story when you partner with Eerlik. As a full-service social media management agency in Navi Mumbai, India, we offer a complete platter of social media management services comprising social profile management, media planning, content creation, campaign designing, and growth hacking. Our mission is to provide strategic social media marketing solutions to our clients by blending analytics and creative content that deliver positive ROI.

Eerlik Has Developed Exclusive Social Media Management Strategies For 300+ Brands. Know How We Can Uplift Your Brand Value in A Unique Way.

The Process We Follow for a Seamless and Profitable Social Media Management Campaign:


Planning :

We define your target audience based on their geographic location, demographics, interests, inventory assessment, and budget based on the campaign objectives.

Campaign Architecture:

We set up the campaign structure based on the best practices and insights derived through effective budget control, planning, and management.

Campaign Management:

We manage the campaign spending regularly with proven strategies and tactics to minimize wastage and maximize your return on investment.

Performance Reporting:

We assess every campaign’s overall performance, including in-depth analysis of data to provide detailed reports and improvement recommendations to our clients.

Are You Ready to Build A Powerful Social Media Presence to Engage with Your Customers and Allow Them to Connect with Your Brand on A Deeper Level With:


A Team of Social Media Management Experts

Eerlik comprises a team of social media marketing experts who specializes in streamlining your social media accounts for creating engaging content and boost your brand reputation and profits.

Customized Social Media Management Plans

We work closely with our clients to put together customized social media management plans and better creatives to build everlasting brand recognition and trust.

Conversion Tracking

We check and analyze every step of your buyers’ journey from seeing your post to purchasing your product.

Benefits of Social Media Management

How will it sound if I say that you can increase your business’s recognition, traffic, and drive sales with little to no cost and by just spending as little as five hours a week? More than 90% of marketers claimed that social media helps them generating immense exposure for their company. More than 95% of marketers are participating in social media marketing because:
  • Social media is the most cost-efficient digital marketing method to increase your brand visibility and brand recognition to a broader audience.
  • It increases the inbound traffic to your website and every piece of content you post to acquire a new customer.
  •  Social media management helps you achieve a higher page ranking.
  •  It brings in more opportunities for your business to convert the traffic, allows your business to give a positive impression through the humanization factor.
  •  It improves customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by regularly engaging with your consumers and developing a bond with them.
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