Social Media Roundup: Unveiling December 2023 Fresh Delights.

Jan 15, 2024 | Blogs

In the hustle of our Social Media online hangouts, staying tuned to the latest buzz is essential. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes! In this post, we shall recap some of the biggest social media headlines from December 2023. We’ll talk about new policies, fun new features to try, that’s shaking things up.

Whether you’re a Social Media expert or just a casual user, you’ll learn something new about how these platforms are evolving. Let’s dive in and see what’s new in the world of social media this December!

X Spaces Plans to Introduce Video: Will it Revolutionize Social Media Conversations?

In an exciting development, Elon Musk, owner of X Spaces, hinted at an upcoming feature that might transform the way we engage in live audio conversations. The new addition would allow Spaces participants to seamlessly switch on video during live broadcasts. Musk likened it to popular video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet, where the speaker’s video takes the spotlight.

While this move could make X Spaces more dynamic, similar features already exist in apps like Instagram Live and Messenger. The potential challenge lies in the hefty system compute required for broadcasting live video to a vast audience.

Although Musk aims for a release by early next year, the question remains: Will adding video truly enhance the X Spaces experience, or is it a costly venture with uncertain returns? Only time will tell.

WhatsApp Introduces ‘Listen Once’: Privacy and Convenience in a Voice Message

WhatsApp has just added a small but interesting feature to its platform. Now, you can send voice messages that disappear after they are listened to. This new “Listen Once” functionality complements the existing “View Once” for photos and videos introduced in 2021, adding an extra layer of privacy.

Imagine sharing secrets or sensitive information with the assurance that the voice message will vanish after being played once. This is not only handy for privacy but also beneficial in regions with diverse languages, like India, where many dialects are spoken. In such places, audio messages facilitate better communication for those who may not be as fluent in reading. While not a game-changer, it’s a thoughtful addition to WhatsApp’s toolkit, catering to specific niche needs.

Boost Subscriptions this Holiday Season with YouTube’s New Gift Membership Program

YouTube has launched a new gift membership program to help creators grow their channel subscriptions during the holidays. Eligible creators can now gift 10 free 1-month channel memberships per month to viewers. This gives new fans a taste of members-only perks like custom emojis and exclusive content. The goal is to convert gift recipients into fully paid subscribers. 

Creators can distribute the free memberships in bundles of 5 during live streams or Premieres. The memberships reset on the 1st of each month. Take advantage of this seasonal offer to showcase your channel’s benefits and potentially attract more loyal, long-term paying members.

Get Creative with Instagram’s New “Add Yours” Story Templates

Instagram has introduced a new creative way for users to drive engagement with “Add Yours” templates. Now you can make custom, reusable templates for your Stories that include text, GIFs, and images. Viewers are prompted to create their own Story using your template. It provides a simple way to start trends and challenges.

 To make a template, build your Story then select the elements to pin. Post it and watch as people add their own spin. The feature allows endless possibilities for viral memes, quizzes, prompts and more. With users able to easily make and share their own templates, it will be interesting to see what catches on. Get creative and try making some templates to engage your followers in new ways.

Enhancing Your Threads Experience: Desktop Light Mode Now Available!

In a recent update, Threads has introduced a new feature that many users find exciting – the ability to switch to light mode on the desktop version of the app. Now, customizing your Threads experience is even easier. Simply navigate to “Settings” and click on “Switch Appearance” to toggle between light and dark modes seamlessly.

While light and dark mode options already exist in the mobile app, the desktop version allows for more direct control. Interestingly, the Threads app on mobile now syncs with your device’s overall light and dark mode settings. Although this may not cater to users with specific preferences, especially those who prefer consistency, the practical benefits of dark mode, such as reduced blue light exposure for better sleep, still hold.

For now, users can make the switch on their desktops at any time, offering greater flexibility in personalizing their Threads experience. While direct in-app control on mobile may not be available yet, it’s possible that future updates will bring this sought-after feature to users who favour one mode over the other. Until then, enjoy the enhanced versatility Threads offers on desktop!

That wraps up some of the noteworthy social media updates from December 2023!  As we’ve seen, these platforms are constantly evolving – for better. Staying current helps us make the most of our online experiences. Thanks for joining us on this quick recap of the latest buzz. We look forward to keeping you informed on any big news in the world of social media.

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