May’s Social Media Marvels: New Features and Innovations Unveiled

Jun 10, 2024 | Blogs

WhatsApp Tests AI-Generated Profile Images

In May’s Social Media Marvels Meta is determined to become a major player in the generative AI field. To achieve this, it is investing billions into AI hardware and development and integrating new AI features into all its apps. This includes WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, which is notoriously challenging to add features to because users mainly focus on messaging their friends.

Despite this, Meta is developing a new AI profile image generator for WhatsApp profiles. According to WABetaInfo, the latest version of WhatsApp includes new code for a yet-to-be-released “Create AI Profile Picture” option. This feature would allow users to generate their own AI photos, a capability available through various third-party tools and theoretically possible with Meta’s own AI tools.

However, using Meta AI to create profile images is not straightforward. In an experiment, attempts to generate an alternate version of a profile image resulted in various mismatched images, such as a young Asian man, a dog chasing a Frisbee, and a Victorian-era gentleman. This highlighted the complexity of the process, which requires describing the profile image, akin to creating a police sketch via AI.

Meta is also testing AI profile image generation on Facebook and Instagram. If successful, this feature could be launched across all Meta apps, allowing billions of users to create hyperreal, albeit slightly off-putting, depictions of themselves. While the usefulness of such a feature is debatable, it certainly adds to WhatsApp’s existing AI elements like text-prompt stickers and the Meta AI chatbot.

Although many of these AI tools are currently seen as novelties, the tech giants are convinced of their transformative potential. Whether social and messaging apps truly need generative AI remains to be seen, but it seems we will find out soon enough.

Reddit Teams Up with OpenAI in Groundbreaking Collaboration

In February, Reddit struck a data-sharing deal with Google to incorporate Reddit data into Google’s AI offerings. But Now in May’s Social Media Marvels, Reddit has also partnered with OpenAI, allowing Reddit information to be integrated into ChatGPT and other OpenAI projects.

The agreement aims to enhance ChatGPT by incorporating insights from Reddit to provide more contextual and insightful answers. Reddit explained that OpenAI will utilize Reddit’s Data API to access real-time, structured, and unique content from Reddit. This will enable OpenAI’s AI tools to better understand and present Reddit content, especially on current topics.

This integration could be highly valuable. Reddit’s engaged, user-moderated communities offer direct consumer insights into various products and services, as well as expert commentary on new developments. With Reddit’s user base rising to 306 million weekly active users and over 100,000 active communities, the platform’s vast repository of 16 billion posts and comments provides a wealth of insights. Reddit’s upvoting and downvoting system further highlights the most relevant and helpful content.

May’s Social Media Marvels tells us that the partnership with OpenAI will also bring benefits to Reddit’s platform. Reddit plans to leverage OpenAI’s AI models to introduce new AI-powered features for both users and moderators. These enhancements could significantly improve community management and assist users in finding specific answers more effectively.

Moreover, OpenAI will become a Reddit ad partner, potentially increasing Reddit’s revenue over time. This collaboration seems advantageous for Reddit, which recently went public and is exploring new revenue opportunities. The insights from Reddit’s niche communities make it a valuable resource for developers of large language models to power next-generation AI models.

Threads Introduce Real-Time Search Filter in May’s Social Media Marvels

Threads is moving closer to becoming a Twitter alternative by adding a chronological filter in search results. As announced by Threads Chief Adam Mosseri, the new “Recent” tab in Search lets users view search results based on the latest responses. This feature is essential for following real-time events like sports, an area where Twitter (now X) excels.

Initially, Threads hesitated to implement chronological discovery due to concerns about spammers and scammers exploiting the feature. Trending hashtags, for example, often get hijacked, and Meta aims to avoid such issues by taking a different approach. Mosseri had explained that listing every post with a specific word in chronological order could invite spammers to flood the view with irrelevant content.

Despite these concerns, the demand for real-time discovery pushed Threads to develop this option, even accidentally releasing it in January. Now, inMay’s Social Media Marvels Threads seem more confident in rolling out the update, likely with measures to prevent misuse. Additionally, Threads is implementing independent fact-checking to counter misinformation, distinct from Instagram’s system.

Threads’ growth has slowed, despite reaching 150 million monthly active users. This slowdown is evident in the download charts, with Threads dropping from the 6th most downloaded app in December to the 10th in April. To stimulate growth, Threads is introducing features like real-time search and trending topics while avoiding divisive content.

Mosseri acknowledges that while these features may not drastically boost usage, they are crucial for engaging the most dedicated users. The introduction of real-time filters highlights Threads’ recognition of their importance in attracting and retaining users, particularly those interested in real-time event discussions.

Instagram Experiments with Notes on Feed Posts and Reels

May’s Social Media Marvels says Instagram is expanding its Notes feature by launching a live test with selected users, allowing them to add Notes to feed posts and Reels. This development follows months of experimentation with Notes on various elements within the app.

As shown in a notification posted by Justin Jarvis and shared by Matt Navarra, some users can now add Notes to their posts and Reels. Notes, initially launched in December 2022, serve as engagement triggers and have gained popularity, especially among younger users.

Instagram aims to retain its younger demographic, particularly in the face of TikTok’s rising popularity. To capitalize on the initial success of Notes, Instagram is integrating this feature into more aspects of the app. Initially added to user inboxes, Notes are now being tested on profiles and feed posts.

According to May’s Social Media Marvels, The big question is whether this expanded use of Notes will be successful. Given their popularity with younger users, who are ten times more likely to create a Note compared to others, it seems plausible that the feature could succeed in other contexts as well. Users who are not interested can simply ignore the feature.

This experiment poses minimal disruption and could potentially enhance user engagement if Notes on Feed Posts and Reels become popular. Instagram’s latest move is a strategic effort to deepen user interaction and engagement within the app. We have reached out to Instagram for more information and will update this post with any new details.

YouTube Enhances Shorts with Custom Video Quality and Exciting Minecraft Effect

YouTube has introduced a new video playback quality option for Shorts, allowing users to enhance their viewing experience. Additionally, to celebrate Minecraft’s 15th anniversary, YouTube has added a new Minecraft effect for Shorts.

Yes, Minecraft is now 15 years old, while Space Invaders has turned 45. Feeling nostalgic yet?

The new Shorts video quality option is available in the app’s settings. Users can choose between Data Saver, Higher Picture Quality, or Auto Detection, which optimizes playback based on connectivity.

YouTube explains, “Once a viewer has made a selection in the Shorts player, the selection will be applied either until a new selection is made, or upon exiting the Shorts player.” This means you can now ensure the best quality playback by manually setting your preference.

In addition, YouTube is testing new ways to enhance viewer interaction during live streams through Super Chat. They are experimenting with a “Reply” button and the ability to like Super Chats, aiming to provide viewers with more meaningful ways to connect with the community.

Finally, YouTube’s new Minecraft effect for Shorts places users in the game environment, offering a fun and immersive experience. While you can’t interact with the game elements just yet, it’s an enjoyable way to celebrate Minecraft’s legacy.

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