Social Media Buzz of September: What’s New? 

Oct 5, 2023 | Blogs

The world of social media is dynamic and continually changing to accommodate consumers’ wants and demands. Major social media platforms like YouTube, X, Instagram, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn have all introduced amazing changes and features this September that promise to transform how we communicate and share material online. Let’s look more closely at the most recent changes on various platforms:

YouTube’s Playables and Vertical Streams

To keep up with user demands and lead the online content consumption market, YouTube is constantly improving its platform. YouTube recently updated its platform and added “Playables,” a mobile gaming feature. This function broadens the scope of the YouTube app beyond conventional video content by enabling users to play straightforward games. 

In addition, YouTube is experimenting with a full-screen vertical livestream style to improve the viewing experience on mobile devices. This immersive strategy is in line with the rising acceptance of vertical video content on social networking websites.

 In order to foster innovation and improve the caliber of their material, YouTube is now giving producers a variety of additional tools, including generative AI possibilities. These upgrades show how dedicated YouTube is to maintaining its innovative nature and supporting a variety of content formats.

Social Media, X’s Premium Evolution

X is taking calculated steps to improve the Premium membership service it offers and address problems like bot accounts. For X Premium subscribers, the site has added ID verification, allowing users to validate their identity using official identification. This verification process is now optional, however, in the future, it might come with more benefits. 

In an effort to promote interactions among paying users and entice more people to sign up for X Premium, X is also investigating a “Verified Only” reply option for postings. In addition, X intends to introduce a more affordable subscription tier in order to increase its customer base.

 X is encouraging users to interact with its Premium offers by implying that voice and video calling capabilities will only be available to Premium subscribers in an effort to fend off bots. These changes emphasize X’s dedication to enhancing user experience, improving security, and driving subscription adoption.

Threads: Real-Time News on the Rise

The popular real-time news app Threads is advancing its platform and enhancing user interaction. Now that users can follow particular Threads without following the user, they can stay updated for a full day on important discussions. 

Additionally, Threads is enhancing its desktop capability by allowing users to quote postings, a tool that was previously exclusive to mobile devices. Further improving the user experience is an enhanced post-activity display. By momentarily limiting search results for certain terms connected to sensitive content, Threads is proactively addressing moderation concerns. 

These improvements might appear little, but they help Threads continue to fight for market share against more established platforms and keep up its growth. These changes are crucial in determining Threads’ future as its user base expands.

Instagram’s users Privacy Power

Instagram is adding a new privacy feature that lets users keep their like behavior private from other users. Some Instagram users are currently getting pop-up notifications letting them know about this new feature. Users have the option to hide their likes from non-followers or only allow close friends to see them. 

They can also keep their similar activities a secret from everyone. Similar to WhatsApp’s success in Western markets, this action is in line with the growing trend towards privacy. It’s important to note that X also provides X Premium subscribers with a function that allows them to conceal their checkmark and likes. 

Users may feel more at ease using the platform if there is an additional layer of privacy, particularly when interacting with potentially upsetting content or inappropriate profiles.

WhatsApp’s Cross-App Connection

WhatsApp is creating a “Third Party Chats” area that will allow users of other chat apps to communicate with WhatsApp users. This update complies with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, which mandates that in specific circumstances, apps with considerable market influence must permit interoperability with third parties. 

As a result, WhatsApp must make its platform accessible to other messaging service providers in order to become a more widely used messaging service. In order to enable seamless message exchange between Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp users, Meta has been working on cross-platform interoperability. It’s unclear how Meta’s development and adoption will be impacted by the necessity to expose its platform to other technologies.

The majority of regions will probably still see Meta dominate messaging, and it will likely take use of this to promote the advantages of using its apps for message. WhatsApp has six months to modify its software to comply with the updated EU rules.

LinkedIn’s Inclusivity Initiative

LinkedIn is taking steps to make its platform more accessible by processing all articles posted directly on LinkedIn through Microsoft’s “Immersive Reader” engine. The utilization of text-to-speech, translations, and other language-related capabilities is made possible via this system. 

With Immersive Reader, audiences that are blind or visually handicapped will have easier access to text. With a specific focus on supporting text accessibility, this endeavour will offer LinkedIn users a variety of formatting capabilities to read content in a way that best matches their needs. 

As a result of this change, LinkedIn Publisher postings will now have more capabilities, including translation possibilities, as the company claims greater engagement and content sharing. Moving forward, all LinkedIn Publisher postings will use this integration with Immersive Reader, increasing the platform’s diversity and accessibility.

These improvements show how much social media sites care about your happiness, safety, and entertainment. They are paying attention to your requests and making adjustments to improve your online experience. So, keep scrolling, liking, and sharing, because who knows what amazing updates we’ll see next month!

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