March Progression 2024: Dynamic and Active

Apr 15, 2024 | Blogs

March Progression discovers the latest updates from Threads, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and LinkedIn that are reshaping the social media landscape. Threads now offer native GIF search and posting, while Instagram introduces “Ads with Promo Codes” globally. Reddit’s successful IPO launch and YouTube’s enhanced AI disclosure requirements are also in the spotlight. Additionally, LinkedIn is expanding its Pages Messaging feature to all businesses, enhancing user engagement on the platform. Join us as we explore these impactful changes and their implications.

In March progression Threads introduced native GIF search and posting functionality on the web

Here’s a brief but valuable update on Threads in March Progression Following the introduction of GIFs for app users in October, Threads now offers native GIF search and posting through its desktop version. Threads is notifying desktop users of the update with a notification at the top of the feed. This means that you can now click on the GIF icon in the composer on the web.

While it’s not a significant change, as you could previously post GIFs by attaching them as an image, you now have built-in GIF search and posting options, making it easier to attach a GIF to your Threads updates. This enhancement allows for better reaction posts in the web version, even though GIFs might be losing popularity. Nonetheless, if you enjoy posting GIFs, you now have more capabilities to do so in the web version of Meta’s Twitter-like app.

Instagram rolls out ads featuring promo codes to encourage purchasing

After its announcement last week in active digital march progression, Instagram has now launched its new “Ads with Promo Codes” feature for all brands worldwide, adding another dimension to your IG campaigns. With this update, Instagram advertisers can include promo codes in their captions to attract potential shoppers, who can then use these codes during checkout. This feature offers an additional method to boost sales from your IG promotions and provides a new way to track IG sales directly based on the entered promo code.

In March progression, Meta announced this feature at ShopTalk 2024, mirroring the format already available on Facebook in some regions. According to Meta, the addition of in-stream codes linked directly to purchases has been a compelling incentive for many potential shoppers. Meta has been experimenting with promo codes for years, using barcodes and other methods to better connect online and offline activities. This latest iteration offers more reasons to use discount codes and encourages shoppers to make immediate purchases instead of scrolling past and returning later.
In conclusion, the “Ads with Promo Codes” feature is now accessible worldwide on Instagram.

Reddit’s shares increase in early trading following its IPO launch

The March Progression is telling us that Reddit is now a publicly traded company, achieving its long-standing goal of an IPO after significant business and platform restructuring.
Following its launch at $34 per share, Reddit shares surged by 67% in early trading. Investors are evidently optimistic about the platform’s potential despite its current lack of profitability and limited growth compared to other major social apps.
The platform currently boasts over 73 million daily active users, up from 60 million at the beginning of last year, indicating steady growth. However, it still lags behind other major social media platforms.
In 2023, Reddit generated $804 million in revenue, a 21% increase from the previous year. While this is not sufficient to cover its costs, investors see potential in its expanded opportunities, such as its partnerships with AI companies to provide them with Reddit data for their LLMs.
Reddit has already secured over $203 million in contracts with AI companies, including a $60 million deal with Google, which could significantly boost its revenue. The market sees this as a key opportunity for the platform, although how Reddit will monetize this and how the Google deal will enhance its profile remain to be seen.
However, March progression is also telling us that Reddit is facing challenges, as the FTC has launched an inquiry into its data licensing deals and how it plans to sell people’s information. Despite this, Reddit is currently enjoying its successful IPO and looking forward to a new chapter for the app.
Overall, Reddit’s IPO debut has been positive, and if its partnership with Google increases the visibility of Reddit results in search, the platform could see a significant increase in traffic.

YouTube rolls out AI disclosure requirements

According to March Progression YouTube is enhancing its AI disclosure requirements for content creators, introducing a new feature in Creator Studio. Creators must now disclose when they upload realistic-looking content created with AI tools.
In this new process, creators are required to check a box if their upload “is altered or synthetic and seems real,” to prevent the dissemination of deepfakes and misinformation through manipulated or simulated content. Once checked, a new marker will be displayed on the video to inform viewers that the content is not real footage.
Not all uses of AI will require disclosure. AI-generated scripts and production elements are exempt, as are “clearly unrealistic content” such as animation, color adjustments, special effects, and beauty filters. However, content that could potentially mislead viewers must be labelled. YouTube can also add a disclosure label if it detects the use of synthetic or manipulated media in a video.
This update represents YouTube’s ongoing efforts to ensure transparency with AI-generated content. Last year, the platform announced new requirements for disclosing AI usage, including labels to inform users of its use. This latest update adds further transparency requirements for simulated content.
Disclosure rules like these are crucial as they provide platforms with a means of enforcement. However, as generative AI continues to advance, particularly in video generation, determining what is real and what is not may become more challenging.

Company Page Messaging is being rolled out to all brands on LinkedIn

The March progression tells us that LinkedIn is expanding its Pages Messaging feature to all businesses, following its initial launch with select company pages last June. This functionality, which adds a “Message” button to company profiles in the app, aims to make it easier for visitors to get in touch with businesses. Admins can enable or disable company page messaging through their inbox settings and can manage messages to pages alongside their personal inboxes. They can also categorize messages by different conversation topics to streamline their management.
The March Progression talk about this rollout marks a significant expansion of LinkedIn’s messaging capabilities, offering businesses another way to connect with their audience on the professional social platform. In addition to this direct messaging feature, LinkedIn is collaborating with several third-party platforms to enable company messaging through social management tools.
The initial six API integrations announced are with Bird CRM, Brandwatch, Hootsuite, Oktopost, Sprinklr, and Zoho. These integrations will allow admins to manage their messaging more efficiently at scale through specialized solutions.
As the use of direct messages continues to rise as a means of connection, LinkedIn’s expansion of messaging features is strategically aligned with providing users more opportunities to connect privately. This move also empowers brands to engage with their audience more effectively through in-app messaging, recognizing the shift of social media interactions towards private chats.
As the “social” aspects of social media increasingly transition into private conversations, providing more avenues to facilitate such interactions is a logical step for LinkedIn to enhance user engagement and overall platform experience.

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