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Let’s predict your next campaign with a data-led influencer marketing agency in Navi Mumbai, India.

Eerlik media masters the field of influencer marketing campaigns. And we always focus on high-frequency data collection to produce insights that accelerates identifying the best influencer for your brand.

Uncover an award-winning influencer marketing strategy planned for your brand with Eerlik Media

We have witnessed the upheaval of all the social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. And we have also observed how they became a part of our daily conscious. From the increasing number of users on those platforms, we are creating opportunities for brands and businesses looking to harness the influencers’ potential. The concept of influencer marketing is trending like hotcakes. And it works simply! The influencers take advantage of their popularity with your target audience and help you monetize your content and creativity by influencing people in the largest social marketplaces. As one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in Navi Mumbai, India, we specialize in creating exceptional and remarkable campaigns that boost your brand popularity, loyalty and drive sales. Our influencer marketing service helps you connect with brands, publishers, and advertisers and get you sponsorship opportunities to create and share your content across various social media accounts in exchange for compensation. Most of the leading brands and ad agencies hire Eerlik to guide them in their influencer marketing strategy, ideations, project management, optimization, and reporting.

Connect your brand with top content creators with one of the most sought-after influencer marketing agencies in new Mumbai, India- Eerlik Media.

We filter talent according to your brand specifications, such as target audience and other demographic criteria. Our team negotiates with the influencer and maintains the entire process of collecting campaign data and posting content. We have worked with top influencers, including celebrities, consumer influencers, and our campaigns center around unique storytelling that enhances your consumer’s interest and fetches positive ROI.

We create custom influencer marketing campaigns with a four-step process.


Designing Custom Strategy:

There are numerous marketing goals you can achieve with an influencer. We customize each campaign focusing on specific results for your brand.

Influences Selection:

We know how to pick the right influencer for the right message. We bring you a list of influencers to choose from who have already vetted for various brands.

Bring Real-Time Result:

We monitor your camping in real-time. We are well equipped with tools that bring in real-time insights and KPIs.

Campaign Management:

Optimizing your campaign is a continuous process for better and better results. We focus on turning your customers into raving fans

Benefits of Influencer Marketing.

There are plenty of options for you when it comes to informing your consumers about your brand. Though you can experiment with your brand’s overall marketing approach, you must not leave incorporating an influencer campaign into your strategy because:
  • Influencer marketing brings in the highest return on investment as compared to other online marketing approaches.
  • It increases the authenticity of your brand and also enhances brand awareness in front of your consumers.
  • Influencer marketing creates a lasting partnership with your audience and other brands while improving engagement.
  • It helps you to reach young and niche audiences through creative collaboration.
  • Influencer marketing directs traffic to your actual product page and website that increase sales.
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