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Eerlik media is not another ordinary digital marketing agency in India, providing insufficient digital marketing services to enterprises and individuals. With a multidisciplinary approach, we are a brand-new breed of a digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai, India. Through customer-driven storytelling and deploying a plethora of covert marketing hacks and tactics, we are here to enhance your digital profile and grow your customer base.

Eerlik media is a brainchild of two digital aficionados, Parikshit Shah, and Chinmoy Sharma, who bonded over some shared ideas and thoughts and initiated their voyage together in 2018. With a strong philosophy and ethic of being honest to customers, partners, stakeholders, and individual work responsibilities, the pair named their company as “Eerlik”. The term is derived from the Afrikaans dictionary, meaning ‘Honest.’

Our history started to be written just 3 years ago as a specialized digital marketing and public relation company in Panvel, Navi Mumbai, for a few industry verticals. But with continuous involvement now, we have become a trusted name for most diverse industries worldwide, and we are well aware of the challenges that every organization has to face.

What We Do?

We Are Abridging the Progressively Convoluted World to Help Your Business Transmute and Thrive.

We help you to get your brand exactly where it belongs to- ahead of the rest. We manage the digital communication of different companies in such a way that it reduces their image risks and enhances their brand value.
With ultimate growth-centric marketing formulas, our digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai replaces your difficult guesswork and provides you with the time-lined course of action that accelerates your path to your business goals.
We recognize the key performance indicators (KPIs), to uncover all the foolproof solutions to achieve your deliverables and bring you massive business returns.
Our B2B and B2C digital marketing strategies have helped celebrities and businesses over different industry verticals to establish themselves as a brand.

What Makes Us Different?

Consultation – Execution – Partners


We take you through our multistage business transformation process. Our digital marketing experts will simplify the entire process to ensure new strategy, investment in technology, content, and data maximize your business outcomes.


We drive conversion and business results through a homogeneous mix of data, technology, contextual advertising experiences, and content at scale. We procure a sustained approach to building a long-lasting brand reputation for your business.


We retain solid working relationships with the foremost global advertising and marketing companies to give your business the best chance of maximum growth. We also bring in the opportunity for you to try beta technology and gain a first-to-market advantage.


Know the Squad

An extraordinary business necessitates extraordinary people who are passionate, facing huge challenges and love breaking all the glass ceilings at once. Our online marketing agency in Navi Mumbai is managed and operated by two young entities. We came from different corners of India with the same native language- digital.

Parikshit Shah, a 27-year-old lad born with brittle bones (osteogenesis imperfecta) and an unbreakable passion for helping businesses go digital, is one of the two co-founders. “It all started with a passion for bringing a big idea to reality. Through the journey of innovation, thinking, and storytelling, I dreamt of transforming other people’s ideas into results. My parents and teachers taught me that you must not try to fit in when you can stand out. And that is what I keep telling our customers.” Parikshit quoted.

Chinmoy Sharma wanted to provide any business the technical strength and backbone to construct anything- from building a strong brand value to a sustainable business model. “We have a handful of skeptics to challenge our assumptions, and we don’t know when to quit. We are thinkers and innovators with the determination to reimagine the way we do digital.” The 25-year-old quoted.

Parikshit Shah

Parikshit Shah


Chinmoy Sharma

Chinmoy Sharma



Our vision is to support the digital marketing industry in enhancing its intelligence, expertise, reach, and effectiveness. Through cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, we want to create sustainable yet custom solutions for businesses today by transcending tomorrow’s trends.


Our mission is to help you understand why you need a digital marketing team that understands your business and helps you launch your products and business to a broader audience online. We leverage the best practices learnt from across our experience around the globe.