Content Creation

An agile, dedicated content studio to create an artistic array of global content at scale.

Eerlik media has created over 5000 still and motion assets in the last two years. Our team of content strategists, content creators, journalists, copywriters, video editors, and photographers create, tailor, and deliver unique content for your brand.

We have generated thought leadership content for our clients in every step of their buyers’ journey. Our content drives your inbound campaigns and generate sales-ready leads.

We believe that a great content piece works as a fuel to your inbound campaigns. It can drive traffic to your website while educating your prospective customers and convincing them to buy. Today’s prospects expect more than content to read and watch. They are expecting every brand content to be informational, methodical, and entertaining. And thus, you need a content marketing agency in India that understands them. Eerlik media facilitates you in all the facets of producing commendable content pieces of various types while strategizing everything with buyers’ personals. We discover compelling topics and optimize your content for different platforms. And we are proud to say that human readers and search engines love our content.

Eerlik- A content marketing agency in Navi Mumbai in perfect alignment with your goals.

Eerlik media creates professionally researched content pieces that compel the readers and viewers to take the next step. We handle the preliminary research and provide the necessary resources. We follow a few steps while brewing great content pieces:

Knowing Your Project

We gather a short brief of your project telling us about when, how you want your content so that we can start creating. If you need help with topics, we can do that too.

Analyzing Your Brand and Content

We evaluate your current content and address the gaps. We perform research to determine where you are currently ranking with major keywords on the search engines and identify new keywords you should be targeting.

Creating Strategy

After gathering all the necessary information, we create a compelling content marketing strategy that leads to success. We make sure that every piece of content can connect and help your prospects through the sales funnel.

Building an Editorial Dream Team

You receive your editor in chief to manage, assign and edit your projects. Our wordsmiths ensure that you receive readable, related, and polished content as per your industry and content type.

Writing Content

A professional content creator works closely with you to create stellar content for your company. We understand your industry and take extra care of quality control, and we proofread every piece before it hits your desk.

Reviewing and Refining

You receive a draft of your freshly created content, and we wait until you approve it right from your inbox. We offer free revisions with every project, and we cover everything within the set deadline of completing your project.

Benefits of Content Creation for Your Business:

53% of marketers prioritize content creation for retaining consistency in their brand messaging. In the competitive landscape, every business is making a substantial investment in content creation. Why? Because:
  • Content can answer your audience’s questions, and through content marketing, you can build trust with your audience, connect with your customers, generate leads, and improve conversions.
  • Consistent, engaging, and high-quality content impact your audience’s decisions more than any other technique.
  • Good quality content can increase your social media followers across multiple channels and help your business gain social media traction.
  • High-quality content can enhance your SEO efforts. It helps your business to become visible online and build authority with your audience.
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