Meme Marketing

We make your brand stand out with meme marketing in a world full of digital clutter and sponsored advertisements.

Meme marketing is emerging as a new attention space by capturing the youth’s attention and keeping them engaged. Eerlik media creates a fresh new world online for your brand through meme marketing service.

Would You Like to Know What Meme Marketing Is?

A meme is a humorous image, text, or any form of content reproduced and customized to spread rapidly by internet users. You must have seen many images to turn into popular memes. Memes are an ever-present part of online marketing and social channels.

We Create Memes That Fuel Your Online Marketing Efforts and Gain Popularity for Your Brand.

Meme marketing is changing the shape of digital marketing today. Leading digital marketing agencies in India, like Eerlik Media, create enjoyable content to post on the internet that attracts the current generation. Meme content goes viral in a jiffy, and it is the most trending form of content in the current scenario. That is because memes can instantly connect with the audience, and millennials even love this communication format. We at Eerlik Media create meme marketing campaigns and engage your target audience through this fun content style. The brands that collaborated with us for our meme marketing service in Navi Mumbai, India, know that how memes catch on like wildfire. Our meme marketing service has helped many brands showcase and market their services and products in better and more relatable ways. This style of marketing is impactful and helps businesses to gain leverage. According to the statistic, more than 85% of online content contain meme, and sometimes people even don’t know where the meme came from, and they share it because it’s relatable and amusing.

Meme marketing is beyond posting memes on your brand pages. We back your brand’s digital campaigns and communication goals in the form of strategic distribution of meme content.

We are the pioneer in the field of meme marketing in India, serving global brands. Our meme marketing service consists of:


Meme Led Brand Building:

We believe that in the 21st century, you cannot rely upon your advertisements alone to connect with your audience and especially the youth. We use meme marketing to make communication simple for your brand.

360-Degree Meme Campaign Designing:

If you are not participating in the meme community, you really cannot call your brand to be using a 360-degree campaign. Our meme marketing service makes your brand a part of the internet conversion

Stimulating Your Influencer Marketing:

We create a perfect social media cocktail campaign and strengthen your influencer marketing by infusing the power of memes.

Improving Your Apps Selling Through Memes:

We know how mobile applications solved your target audience’s problem. And we also know how to take your app to your target audience through memes.

Product Launching:

If you are excited about launching a new product, are your target audience excited too? Our meme marketing service adds that extra oomph to your new product launch.

Benefits of Meme Marketing:

The millennials spend more than 200 minutes online every day. If you haven’t introduced meme marketing to your brands still, you must do that at the earliest because:

  • Meme marketing can bring in new life into your online marketing strategy.
  • Memes are highly visual, which makes them a great tool to engage your target audience.
  • The best part about meme marketing is you can take a concept that is gaining traction on its popularity.
  • Meme marketing is an inexpensive way to get you likes, shares, and comments on your advertisements.
  • Your target audience can relate to memes more than anything else, and it is also a source of entertainment.
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