Five Ways To Curate Content for Different Social Media Platforms

Sep 26, 2022 | Blogs

Finding it difficult to catch up with social media tasks because of content creation difficulty? If

execution is the part you are sucking at, there’s a simple and effective solution. It’s called ‘Content Batching’ and with this, the work flows as planned. This saves time as well and helps in curating quality content at a consistent pace.

These are the steps to batch create your content:

Identify Content Pillars

Identify content pillars based on your business/ art/ work. This is an essential step to be done at the very beginning of the whole process. It helps you in having proper clarity about what you intend to convey as well as reaching the right niche or audience and aspired goals.

Once you have leveraged the content pillars, brainstorm content ideas related to each pillar and write a topic to fit in the similar ideas to it.

Prepare the Long Form Content

Long-form content can be a Blog Article, YouTube Video, or Podcast. In this version, one has the opportunity to express and convey ideas and messages in detail with explanations and descriptions.

In the process of Batching Content, Long Form Content is taken as the reference or base for all further posts which are planned to be uploaded on other social media platforms. Hence, maximise the length and information of long-form content as much as possible to create scope for extracting information to create short-form content for uploading on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms where content should be concise.

This makes Content creation less hectic, time requirements are also shortened and the process becomes easy.

Extract Short Form Content

Identify the different topics or subtopics you can extract from your long-form content. Then concisely prepare the content to upload on different platforms where shorter versions of content are applicable. Instagram posts, Carousel, Insta reels, Insta stories, YouTube Shots etc are the various short-form content forms possible. Ensure whether the short form content suits well in the Instagram Grid, whether they are curated appropriately for reels etc.

Create a Posting Schedule

The posting schedule is very important. Strategise a schedule where after the completion of the long-form content and short-form content, how the latter can be posted on different social media platforms on what time span. A fixed timetable enhances thThis is the final step and as you reach here, you have everything required for the whole process including your content in different sizes with a posting frequency schedule. Now just fix the specific days in a week with each batch or set of content. You can fix it for a month or however long as per the amount of data you have readied. This is distributing content in batches.

Content batching is a step-wise process which requires some effort at the initial stage. You have to invest your time in the beginning, to plan the content pillars, to create the outline of the schedule and all however once the whole outline is ready, then it is easy. Just make long content, extract things and follow your calendar which is the time and posting frequency schedule you made. Hence, content batching is the key to curating your content with consistency.

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