Don’t Miss Out on the Social Media Updates August 2022

Sep 2, 2022 | Blogs

We get it! You must be busy scheduling content and engaging with your followers, so it can be a challenging task for you to take the time to sit down and read about the latest algorithm updates. But, it’s also essential to take out time to learn new ways to enhance your social media approach. So, get ready to relinquish reading about recent Social Media Updates in August 2022.

LinkedIn Launches Link Sticker Feature

LinkedIn has launched the new clickable link feature to assist users in driving engagement and generating traffic to websites, resources, job listings, and more. Users can now add clickable links to pictures and videos in their LinkedIn posts. The links can be put anywhere in the frame. The first tap will display the full URL that has been linked, and another tap will open the link.

New Family Center Available for Snapchat

Snap chat is designed in a way that reflects the dynamics of real-world relationships. Snap chat now empowers parents to prioritize online safety while protecting their teens’ privacy. This feature is now active and available to all users. The new family center offers many resources for parents, who can now keep an eye on who their children are interacting with and the friends they add, but the conversations will be kept private. 

Twitter Introduces New Businesses Profile Features  

Twitter looks to introduce new business profile features to help encourage businesses to infuse more time and money on the platform. They have expanded their “Location Spotlight” component to more countries and have now allowed businesses to add a Google map. Twitter is also bringing up workshop series to help corporations make the most of all the features Twitter offers on their business profile. 

Pinterest Analytics Now Available on Mobile

Well, this could be handy for users. Busy marketers and users can access Pinterest analytics in real-time from their mobile appliances. Although this update does not prolong filters like age and gender, nor will you be able to see monthly audience reports from mobile, it does give a more holistic view of how your pins are carrying out, permitting the option to stream correct in a few clicks, while on a mobile device.

Create Shorts From YouTube Videos

YouTube’s new feature could be tremendous. YouTube is now making it super easy for users to create Shorts directly from a longer YouTube video. Creators can now select a portion of their video for up to 60 seconds and create a Short from their selection. All current Shorts editing features stay if you use this feature. Also, the Shorts you created from videos will link back to the long video, potentially propelling even more traffic to your youtube channel. 

SnapChat Users To Transform Into Dragons 

Snap chat launches new localized lens promotion for ‘House of the dragon; which is the focal center of the delinquent campaign on Snapchat, enabling users to transform themselves into dragons via various AR activations within the app’s Lens tools. These lenses look fantastic and even more interesting from a social media marketing standpoint as these are the elements of the latest HBO/Snap campaign.

YouTube To Add Watermarks to Downloaded Shorts 

YouTube is looking forward to stopping users from re-posting YouTube Shorts clips to other platforms by adding new watermarks on Shorts clips. If a creator downloads their Shorts from YouTube Studio to share across other platforms, they’ll now find a watermark added to their downloaded clips. YouTube has added a watermark to the Shorts creator’s download so that the viewers can see that the content they’re sharing across platforms can be found on YouTube Shorts.

LinkedIn Adds New Posting Templates 

LinkedIn has been adding new features to the platform for a better user interface. It continues to add new features to help creators increase engagement via a new templates option for posts, providing a range of text formatting and background choices for the LinkedIn updates. ‘Use a Template’ option in the post creation flow can help users access various options to customize their posts.

WhatsApp Adds New Privacy Tools 

WhatsApp adds new privacy tools to the platform, which include online activity controls and the ability to leave group chats silently. Amidst the ongoing considerations about how it can be used to organize an unlawful activity, due to its default encryption process, the app has announced some additional privacy features, providing even more security and control for users in various respects.

This was it for August 2022 updates. Stay updated with the latest social media news, trends, and best practices. Every month, we will share bite-size summaries of top social media trends, content ideas, and best practices. Follow us for more updates and trends. 

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