Moment Marketing- What’s in the moment?

Jun 29, 2022 | Blogs

Moment Marketing- What’s in the moment?

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” – says Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft.

Digital marketing is all about laying your message where your audience browses. It is constantly evolving, and marketers are eternally trying to find new ways to connect with their audience and have started to turn to moment-based marketing to get more people to recognize their brand. To truly engage with consumers and be identified by audiences, marketers need to target their consumers at the right time on their way to purchase. Therefore, moment marketing has come to the vanguard in recent years. In today’s world, running normalized campaigns that remain passive is insufficient; your adverts need to consider current happenings on different channels.

What is moment marketing?

Delivering the right thing at the wrong time does not work in digital marketing. An advertising campaign won’t impact excellently if delivered at the wrong time, no matter how visually appealing, nerve-wracking, and groundbreaking. To create an impact, you have to wait for the right moment. To beget a maximum impact on your audience, you must market to them at the right moment. That’s where moment marketing enters. In Google’s language, Moment marketing is a strategy of marketing that directs on targeting your business to consumers at the exact moment it matters, i.e., when they’re already looking for you.

Moment Marketing is about taking advantage of an event to deliver pertinent and related, apparently spontaneous, and often momentary interactions with customers in real-time. It can jointly bring offline events and online conversation to formulate a highly impactful strategy for the company by capturing micro-moments and creating the maximum effect. A person will seek to act abruptly when he opens the social media account of a company. It is indispensable for the brands mainly operating in the B2C space.

How is Moment Marketing Important?

Helps you to Connect and Convert

While searching for a trending issue or topic or researching a particular trend, moment marketing helps you begin a real-time discussion and resonate with your customers.

Cost-Effective Strategy

The key to successful marketing is to have the right message and reach the right audience at the right time and place. An eye-catching campaign on a popular trend is highly cost-effective as the brand runs on an existing trend.

Promptly meets the needs of the audience.

The client only cares about the latest trends and topics. Moment marketing lets you furnish your clients and their audiences with the exact information they want while matching their expectations.

Examples of Moment Marketing –


Amul, an Indian dairy brand, would probably be hitting the list in marketing as its campaign concept and aesthetics have remained congruous for over 50 years. It gets fantastic every following week. They promote themselves through moment marketing jointly in the online and offline fields. They paid gratitude to India’s first-ever track and field gold medal won by Olympic Champion Neeraj Chopra, the Indian Track and Field Athlete.


During the pandemic, many prominent brands like Oreo and Zomato turned to moment marketing to dissipate the message of staying at home and maintaining social distance. Oreo, known for its deliciousness, came up with a campaign combining the essence of its brand and playfulness to deliver a message to people to stay at home with the line “Stay home, Stay playful.”

The Oscar Slap

Do you still remember the famous Oscar slap? Everybody is still talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars this year. Few global marketers made memes about the slap, depicting videos or images of Smith slapping Chris Rock and adding their own branded captions. It was a trending topic and was apt to make maximum impact.

Durex India

Durex India is a marketplace offering a range of sexual health products. It never misses a chance to make memes or create tweets through different trending events globally. While the “Party ho Rahi hai” meme was getting viral in India, Durex did not lose the opportunity to use it for marketing their brand. It raised the bar of moment marketing with Ranveer Singh on his bizarre dress sense.


Everyone is just a few taps away from discovering and passing the latest trending content, be it a meme, a viral video, a social media post, or a tweet. Cherishing the moment and publishing creatives that cleverly take on whatever is happening in the world at a given moment gives you an edge as a marketer allowing you to stand out and be memorable.

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