Social Media Updates Archive June 2022

Jul 4, 2022 | Blogs

Social Media Updates Archive June 2022

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. Social media platforms these days are a necessity for both individuals and corporations. Its importance in our lives is now absolute. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, YouTube, etc., are just one tap away; no denying that our days are incomplete without these sites. These social media sites very often come up with new updates and features. These updates may add new features and remove old ones that are no longer vital.

Of course, the technology is frequently transforming, and updates offer the latest features and improvements. Any update often offers new and improved features and enhancements to improve the end-user experience. So, let’s cover some of the most engaging social media updates from June 2022.

Instagram Updates June 2022

Full Screen post:

Instagram launched an updated version of its new full-screen primary feed test, which broadens and expands the Instagram posts. Whether it is a static image, video, or reel, it will expand into a full height, swipe-able flow of all types of IG content. This new update was in testing for a while. It intends to improve upon the way photos appear in this new format.

In-app nudges:

Instagram also added some recent in-app ‘nudges’ to reduce harmful impacts on inexperienced and young-aged users. Many are concerned about overuse and the mental health impacts of apps. Instagram has augmented to reduce fatal effects on users.

Twitter Updates June 2022

Twitter Notes:

After being in testing, Twitter has finally soft-launched a new feature, allowing users to post long-form content with Notes. It is now accessible for the users to attach more extended text elements to their tweets. The titles of the Notes are limited to 100 characters, and the body of a Note can be up to 2,500 words.

Twitter Shopify Integration

Twitter launched a new Shopify integration to upgrade e-commerce reliefs. With the introduction of this new integration, Twitter strives to step forward towards simplified in-app commerce. This allows Shopify merchants to list their products on their Twitter Professional Profiles, with each item clicked, directing users to the Shopify product page to complete the transaction.

YouTube Updates June 2022

New Insights for Creators

YouTube published its new insights providing more perspective about what is propelling the latest Gen Z (online 18-24-year-olds) video trends and how such are associated with digital strategy. Reports agree that content personally relevant to Gen Z is more important than the content many others talk about.

Corrections for Videos

Popular platform YouTube adds a new correction feature that allows for easier fixes/corrections for creators. Now there is no need to cancel or delete your videos that contain errors. You can add updated notes to your YouTube clips. Best update for creators who might feel like correcting or updating errors in their videos.

LinkedIn Updates June 2022

Comments & Reposts

LinkedIn strives to present extra engagement choices on its record levels of user activity, with the new comment and comment reply options on Event pages and a new ‘Repost’ option. It provides a fantastic way to amplify LinkedIn updates. The choice is coming shortly, with a preliminary launch now underway.

New Reactions for Post

LinkedIn launches the initial rollout of its new ‘funny’ Reaction. You can now have a new reaction feature on LinkedIn–’ Funny’ added to the six other emoji reaction options on LinkedIn posts. Funny Reaction is slowly being rolled out and isn’t accessible to everyone yet.

WhatsApp Updates June 2022

Android to iOS Migration

WhatsApp users on Android will now be able to transfer their chats and other data if they switch to Apple’s iPhone, as WhatsApp and Apple have announced support for porting data. The option will be functional in WhatsApp’s beta version. It will roll out gradually to get to everyone else.

Message Reactions

You can now react to messages with emojis by long-pressing a message. To make messages more observable and joyful, you can react to messages with an emoji, like a smiley face, a sad face, a thumbs-up, and 2 more emojis.

More video participants

WhatsApp rolled out a new update to users in India. WhatsApp now lets you add up to 32 participants to group voice calls. The update enhances the interface with social audio layout, speaker highlight, and waveforms.

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