How to Set Up a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Oct 28, 2022 | Blogs

LinkedIn, the platform where connections are made between Job recruiters and job seekers, and where birds of the same feather flock together today has more than 350 million professionals. Just like it is difficult to get a job you aspire for. It is also very tough to stand out in this crowd. A unique or different profile with proper details in a legible and presentable way contributes to more visibility for a specific profile.

Let’s see how to set up a perfect LinkedIn profile.

Profile Photo

Profile Photo is the first thing that goes noticed and as we know that first impressions matter during business deals. Statistics prove that adding a professional photo of yours to the LinkedIn profile can 14 times increase profile views.

The fact that you have to keep in mind while choosing the appropriate headshot is which industry you belong to and who will be your potential customers and peers.

Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn Profile Photos


  • Get a Professional Photoshoot

Hiring a professional photographer is not a waste of money and is worth the investment because you can make use of those pictures on multiple Social platforms and for different purposes. 

  • Make Use of Most of the Frame

The picture should be taken such that your face should be kept centred leaving a small area over your head and with the picture extending over to your shoulders.

  • Choose a Familiar Picture

The photo should bear your picture representative of how you normally appear at work if you wear specs, keep them while taking the headshot. If you normally have a habit of having a beard, in your photo too it’s wise enough to appear so. 


  • Avoid being casual

One must be aware that LinkedIn is not like Facebook and hence it is essential to structure your profile professionally according to how you would like it at work.

  • Leave Fido Out

Don’t bring any pets like puppies or kittens into your profile picture though it’s a cute sentiment.

  • Balance Formality

Your profile picture should represent your personality, work attire and mood. Hence be cautious that you don’t go overboard and you can’t be underdressed too in the profile photo.


Customize things in every possible way to make it easy for people to get to you, that is to enhance the visibility of your profile. Do the same thing with your LinkedIn URL as well. Customise it for better reach and recognition. 

Find your unique URL below your name in a box in a light grey shade. Revise it using the edit button. Make sure the URL is small and it is able to make a quick impression on the visitor’s mind.


Ensure that you add your first, middle and last name in the profile and unlike the possibility to use your nicknames on other social media platforms, on LinkedIn it is never a good idea. 

Being professional is the idea here and there’s no scope to be personal here. LinkedIn gives a provision of twenty characters for the first name and forty characters for the last name.


The headline is the most important aspect of a LinkedIn profile. Use your creativity and thoughts into forming the best headline. Be succinct and make use of keywords that adds visibility to your profile and makes it easy for people to have an understanding of your industry and your position cum role there.

Add your industry also to the headline for furthering the recognition and visibility of your profile for those who search.


You have a space called ‘About’ where you can in detail mention your work. the role, experience, projects you were involved in, things you lead, your achievements and participation, the exposure you received etc. You can create a semi-CV impact here.


A LinkedIn profile matters to an employer or recruiting agency when the ‘experience’ column is appealing. No matter what experience is most required, which promises the employer that this candidate can help in accomplishing the goals of the company if he/she is hired.

A LinkedIn profile has to be attractive in a professional manner to drive more employers and recruiters to you. As the professional world is becoming more crowded and competitive, it is a survival requirement to be unique and stand out among the masses. Here, polishing one’s skills, knowledge, and exposure to make perfect your LinkedIn profile also matters a lot. Given above are some simple yet thoughtful steps to make your Linkedin profile perfect enough.

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