Don’t Miss Out On The October Social Media Updates

Nov 4, 2022 | Blogs

October month witnessed a lot of things that mesmerised Social Media Users on various platforms. Technology is growing and so are the opportunities and advancement of the user’s life. Moreover,  the developers and the users are not ready to settle for less. And their aspirations serve as the sprouting ground for better ideas and greater innovations.

Let’s get started.

Elon Musk takes control of Twitter

This was shocking or rather surprising news for people. Musk has kept people at the top of excitement before too but this step was big. He fired many top executives who were big contributors to the sustenance and growth of Twitter so far. Musk addressed the firing of around 75% of the current staff including those from the top of the hierarchy as a necessity of the time to reduce costs and for refocusing on the app. Hopefully, Twitter will see a new era reigned by Musk by honing in on relevant data signals and that will enhance the experience.

Twitter tests for NFT Artworks, a New Link Preview Display

Twitter had enabled a feature wherein the Blue Subscribers got to display their NFTs in a custom profile display. Now it is testing a new integration of NFT with a new link preview display of NFT artworks every time the link goes shared from a certain marketplace for digital goods. Twitter is looking forward to feeding into the app community discussions in the surroundings at no cost. For this purpose, it provides more showcase options for NFT art which will help in achieving this goal.

Pinterest reports a surge on usage

Showing a surge in both users and revenue in broader terms, Pinterest posted its latest performance update pointing upwards once again. In terms of users, Pinterest added 12 million more users in this quarter. Pinterest gives credit to its rising usage to the increased engagement on videos, with the supply of video content on the app increasing at a pace of 3*YOY.

Snapchat’s ‘Director Mode’ now rolls out to every user, giving way to new creative options

Snapchat had already previewed this feature at its Partner Summit earlier this year. Now it has been announced that the ‘Director Mode’ feature would advance the video creation process and will be available to all ios users of Snapchat. This feature includes a spectrum of more advanced editing tools within the app, options for variable playback speed, and dual camera controls- thus letting the front and back cameras face at the same time creating 360-degree content.

LinkedIn provides more tools to facilitate internal promotion and movement 

As per LinkedIn:

“More companies are making internal mobility a priority not only to improve workforce agility but also to boost retention: employees who have made an internal move have a 75% chance of staying at their company after two years; that drops to 56% for employees who haven’t.”

LinkedIn has announced a new set of updates for its recruitment tools, with a focus on bringing in improvements to internal mobility. Among new additions, LinkedIn is including a new Spotlight element for internal candidates in Recruiter to help in highlighting potential opportunities.

LinkedIn adds new security features

To combat fraud and spammers on LinkedIn, it has announced some more novel features throwing insights into when a profile was created, and new tools to detect AI-generated profile images thereby prompting to help ward the users from scam messages. 

LinkedIn has an ‘About this Profile’ element which will include information like when the profile was updated, along with whether the user has a registered email address or Ph.No on LinkedIn. This will help determine whether it is a scammer trying to steal your data or a real person looking forward to connecting with you.

Instagram adds new Safety Features, including Improved Blocking and new Pop-Up Alerts

Safety concerns are always there among users and this is constantly being looked into and addressed by the app. This month, they have added more into the safety domain by bringing in new and improved blocking features and pop-up alerts as precautions.

October month, social media platforms have been loaded with a hell lot of updates including safety, ease of usage, interface development, new filters and much more. Many surprising ownership takeovers of the apps also happened thus giving hope or perhaps confusion among the users about the going forward of the app and the upcoming user experience.  

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