Eight Questions To Ask Before Creating a Video

Nov 11, 2022 | Blogs

Social Media today thrives on engaging videos and hence be it entrepreneurs or influencers, all create their content in the form of long and short videos. The number of minutes viewers watch is the factor that opens the possibility for monetisation on certain platforms like Youtube. Hence, it is not just shooting a video, it should be engaging enough that viewers should keep watching it. 

Bringing to your notice the questions you should ask to create a better video

Why or What’s the Goal

The aim behind the creation of a specific video must be visible to the audience. At first, to drive a viewer to start watching the video, an abstract idea about the content of the video must be given, be it through a proper title, caption or description. You can make use of techniques like keeping a suspense factor within the video so that viewers keep watching it awaiting the suspense.

Who are the targeted audience

The video creator should have clarity about who will watch the video. Always the content of the video must meet the interests and vibe of the targeted audience. All kinds of content might not be interesting for every category of audience. Hence, plan the content of the video according to your targeted audience or decide about the kind of audience for whom you are creating the video. Either way, you can ensure the viewers will be engaged with the video.

What are you trying to say

The audience should be able to resonate with your version of the narration in the video. Unless the narrative or message of the video is communicable to the viewers, the video won’t be able to hold the attention and interest of the viewers. Thereby, it is likely that they stop watching mid-way and that will come against your efforts. Hence, make the narrative interesting and make the presentation of the idea or message in a less complicated and less controversial way to please the audience and earn their attention.

How long does it need to be

Plan before the shoot how long should the video be to accommodate all relevant matters. Plan what is the content and all things you have to include in the video and decide on the length of the video simultaneously to include everything into the length of the video decided. 

Who should be in it

Ensure the coverage of those characters or people whose presence in the video will engage the audience. A cameo of someone special or the presence of someone sure to get you more views is some way to get more reach and viewership for the video. Hence, decide accordingly.

Where will it be uploaded

Plan the video foreseeing the platforms where it will be aired meeting the guidelines and policies of the platform. Having awareness about the policies and guidelines of every platform where you intend to upload the videos will help to avoid any chances of your video being taken off or undergoing violation of norms. Also, plan every aspect of the video from the length, content, and language to vibe according to the platform where you are planning to upload it.

What do you want them to do

Your video must convey and convince the audience what you want them to do, be it buying your product or subscribing to your channel. Lead the video to that point where it will in the process convince the viewers to trust you and consider your opinion into account and mind your suggestions. This works especially in promotional videos of any products or services.

How do you measure results

Be aware of the analytics and statistical data deriving strategies to know the views, reach and audience engagement and further monetisation goals from it. Always strategise the content, the area of the shoot, the edits & aesthetics and every detail according to the results of the previously uploaded video. Hence, to yield growth, it is very important to measure the results of the output of your efforts.

Asking these simple eight questions and including the ideas and answers drawn from them while shooting a video and in the process of edits and uploading helps you make it engaging and gain more viewers who watch it from beginning to end. Planning and strategizing are important for a better outcome. A little effort can bring huge gains.

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