Social Media Updates July 2022

Aug 1, 2022 | Blogs

With July coming to an end, you will likely be seeing a lot of changes or updates to your favorite social media apps to improve the user experience and ensure users are attracted to apps. As the apps increase in demand, the updates get more continual, which makes some of you impatient about what they are for and how to use them efficiently.

Each update has an objective: to improve functionality and enhance your experience as a user or a brand owner promoting your brand online.

We’ve compiled a list of this month’s latest social media updates! 

Instagram’s ‘boost’ promotion option for reels

Instagram will allow brands to enhance their Reels clips with a new ‘Boost’ promotion option built into the configuration. Users will now see the new ‘Boost’ option on competent Reels in the lower function bar, taking them through the quick growth process. According to Instagram, Boosted Reels will be eligible to come off in the feed, Stories, the Reels tab, and the Explore page to help new customers find their favorite brand. 

Twitter launches ‘Status’ indicators

Twitter’s new ‘Status’ feature may be approaching a waiver. The new ‘Status’ option would let users add a minor, customizable status update to their tweets. There will be a spectrum of default status options, including ‘Shower Thoughts,’ ‘Hot Take,’ and ‘A Thread.’ These options will help eliminate some common uses of emojis and other means to imply the same, giving users more characters to use for their actual tweet text.

LinkedIn’s native carousel posting options

LinkedIn users have been posting expedient carousel posts, using its PDF attachment option to organize individual frames. And now, LinkedIn has decided to make it a full-fledged functionality, with a new ‘Carousel’ post option added to update tools. LinkedIn will be testing Carousels with ‘thousands of creators’ at introductory before rolling the option out to all users later.

Instagram merges video uploads to reels

Reels are the fastest growing content format on Instagram. Instagram was testing this new format with select creators within June and is looking to implement the change shortly. This is an exciting way to help more users to circulate their content to their users on Instagram. The key is to make sure that the creator’s profile is switched to the public so other users can Remix their Reel. Moreover, they are also adding a range of new creative tools for Reels clips.

YouTube launches Text Markup options

YouTube is set to roll out the text markup options within video descriptions. The users will soon be able to add bold, italics, and strikethrough text within their video descriptions. Users can make their video descriptions stand out. This update can be an exciting contemplation to help grab the audience’s attention via the content.

LinkedIn’s business manager platform 

LinkedIn is on the front foot to help businesses that manage multiple accounts. LinkedIn is helping them to streamline their LinkedIn marketing process with the public launch of its new Business Manager platform. It enables brands to feed into many accounts and manage them in one dashboard. The platform enables users to manage permissions and access with a centralized list of all connected profiles and users.

LinkedIn ‘Repost’ option

In June, LinkedIn launched the first version of its new ‘Repost’ option on feed updates, providing a simple way to help users amplify their posts to the LinkedIn audience. This is quite an excellent option for enticing your network to new job opportunities, industry-specific trend reports, great creators, etc. LinkedIn is now ready to take its Repost option further by making it the default option, with its icon along the lower function bar on each post.

Snapchat launches a desktop version

Snapchat is finally launching a desktop version of its app, which is currently available to Snapchat+ subscribers only. Snapchat for the web will enable users to send messages and make video calls promptly from their desktop PCs. It will provide another way to engage with your Snap connections, including options such as Chat Reactions and Chat Reply.

New business search tools within Instagram maps

Instagram has initiated a new map search feature, which will provide another way to uncover local businesses and get more information about them within the app’s tools. The new Map Search option will facilitate users to explore popular tagged areas around them. At the same time, they’ll also be able to filter the locations by specific categories, such as restaurants, cafes, and beauty salons.

And that’s a wrap for this month’s social media updates. What are your thoughts on these latest features & updates? Do let us know in the feedback section! 

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