July Social Media Updates 2023: What’s New in the Digital World

Aug 5, 2023 | Blogs

The digital world continues to evolve and the social media platforms constantly change to meet the changing demands of users. July 2023 brings us a lot of exciting updates in the social media world. The leading platforms have something new for everyone in the store from app to user experience improvements. In this blog we’ll get into the important updates that have been done on WhatsApp, Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, Threads and Reddit. Let’s check out the latest updates that are changing the way we connect and engage in the digital world.

WhatsApp Brings Video Message:

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature which allows users to send short video messages as an alternative to text messages. The feature which is currently being globalized allows users to record short videos of up to 60 seconds in duration. The video recorder icon located next to the text box at the same place where the audio recorder is located, allows users to create these short videos. This feature adds a personalised touch to various occasions, such as birthday wishes, sharing good news or conveying important information.

No Password Sharing on Netflix:

Netflix has come up with firm and safe security measures to protect their user accounts and control password sharing. Users are required to verify their accounts regularly especially when logging in from a new device or location from July 2023. This will help to confirm that only verified users can access their Netflix accounts which will improve overall security and prevent access from unverified accounts. This can be a little inconvenient for some users but it shows Netflix’s commitment in protecting their user’s privacy and content rights.

Instagram Broadcast Channel:

Instagram has come up with an amazing feature called the “Broadcast Channel” which provides users who wish to share live content with a broader audience. This feature helps influencers, brands and content creators to reach a wider audience and across multiple Instagram accounts. Followers from various accounts can tune in to a live broadcast promoting a sense of community and connection. The Broadcast Channel is expected to improve the reach and impact of live content on the platform.

Elon Changes Twitter to X:

Twitter’s iconic blue bird has been replaced with an black-and-white X, reflecting Elon Musk’s personal brand. The rebranding is the end of an era and continues Musk’s vision for the platform to be an “everything app.” Twitter’s ad revenue sharing program allows creators with high engagement to make money from their posts. To participate, creators must be subscribed to Blue or a verified organisation, have at least 15 million impressions, and have at least 500 followers. 

Threads, Spike and Plunge:

On July 5, Meta, originally Meta, launched Threads as a Twitter rival. Within a week after its launch, it had over 100 million sign-ups. However, in the weeks that came next, it saw a decline, with the total number of daily active users falling from 49 million to 23.6 million. Threads seeks to provide customers a personalised and simplified experience but it has come under criticism for lacking standout features and highlighting issues with data collecting and privacy laws. Despite Meta’s efforts to promote the app through several social media campaigns it hasn’t been successful in gaining user acceptance. It is working to improve Threads and make it a more attractive substitute for Twitter.

Reddit logged-out users & landing page:

Reddit is implementing several updates to its website for logged-out users, focusing on improved performance, a more helpful search results page and better communities and related post suggestions. The platform has simplified the search result page, prioritising posts over other elements on mobile and made design changes to the landing page.  Reddit is also adding performance adjustments to the logged-out site experience making pages load twice as fast as before. The latest updates will be available across both mobile and desktop web experiences. 

These latest updates from WhatsApp, Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, Thread and Reddit shows their dedication to staying relevant in a constantly changing social media world. From improved communication with video messages to improved security measures these updates provide users with a more engaging, secure and enjoyable online experience.

As the month of July came to an end, it became quite evident that social media was still having an impact on how we communicate, share and engage with one another online. The constantly changing environment keeps us on our toes as we wait for the next step in this digital revolution.

We are left guessing about what lies ahead now that July’s social media craziness is behind us. These upgrades are only the beginning as the digital world is constantly changing. As time goes on, we will see even more ground-breaking improvements and game-changing innovations that will completely shift how we interact with social media.

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