5 Reasons Why Influencers Marketing is a Way to Go

Jul 27, 2019 | Blogs

Top 5 Reasons Why Brands Should Hire Influencer For Marketing
Traditional marketers are often found to be sceptical about the impact of Influencer Marketing. Brands, especially those on the conservative side, consciously decide to stick to the tried and tested methods of reaching out to more people and subsequently converting them into customers. The reliance is, therefore, more on advertising. However, there exists increasing evidence about the benefits of using social media influencers for brand promotion.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why, as a brand, you should not shy away from using influencers to promote your brand social influencers in getting the word out about themselves.

Why Hire Influencers

  1. Marketing that is not pushy

It’ s the best form of permission marketing. Consumers follow specific public figures on a social media platform with conscious volition. And, they don’t mind seeing even sponsored content from their favourite influencers.  If long as the content is top-notch, and the aesthetics are in place, it is fine by their audiences.

In a world where consumers, especially millennials, are getting frustrated with interruptive banner ads, influencer marketing offers a fresh perspective. As per a study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 66% of users prefer adblockers to streamline their web experience.

No wonder influencer marketing is getting more traction.

  1. Marketing that is credible

It is essential to understand that influencers invest time, resources, and consistency in building their following. Their credibility is built on the back of sheer hard work and kickass content.

Therefore, when an influencer talks about your brand on their platform in a genuine, non-spammy way, he/she lends some of their hard-earned credibility to you, as well. A study reveals that online consumers repose as much trust in influencers as they would on their real-life friends. 40% of them, the study says, have made a purchase based on what an influencer has tweeted. Another research shows that 60% of YouTube viewers have made a purchase based on influencer recommendations.

The numbers speak for themselves.

  1. Marketing with Niche Targetting

With Influencer marketing, brands can opt for niche targetting of audiences. Influencers have a niche in every sector. Brands can identify and then select the most relevant niche, and then market to audiences using influencers.

Follower demographics of influencers can be used by brands to refine their targeting measures.

  1. Marketing that enhances SEO

By collaborating with influencers, brands can create quality backlinks to their sites. This boosts traffic and SEO. Most influencer pages have high Domain Authority (DA), which is one of the top factors that decide the search ranking.

  1. Marketing that creates relevant leads

Since influencers mostly cater to niches with their content, the leads that are generated from influencer marketing are qualified and relevant. So, it is a faster way of reaching target audiences. A study says that marketing is one of the quickest ways of winning over new customers online. Almost a third of respondents in the survey said that it is the best method of acquiring new customers.

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