Salute to the heroes of the fight against COVID-19

Mar 23, 2020 | Blogs

The world, now India as well, are facing a global pandemic, and a war-like situation has arisen against COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Pandemic.

While we all sit at home trying to isolate ourselves from the world, there are people who are fighting on the fore-fronts of this battle.

They are the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, policemen, firemen, journalists, bank staff, the people in sanitary, electricity, public service departments. Not to mention, people like milkmen, grocers, warehouse workers, delivery agents and workers at the petrol stations. All these people are warriors fighting selflessly, fearlessly to serve the nation irrespective of the danger they are putting themselves into.

We salute their spirit and applauds for their efforts.

We appeal to everyone to act kindly and wisely at these times of crisis. Support them with financially, emotionally, or by providing supplies necessary for survival. After all, these superheroes are humans too.

And if we can’t help anyone at this hour, let us not make their work more difficult and add misery to their lives. Let’s follow the safety rules and earn these heroes the victory against COVID-19 that they so deserve.

BlogsSalute to the heroes of the fight against COVID-19