November Social Media Updates

Dec 6, 2022 | Blogs

Social Media updates keep occurring and thereby facilitate better communication and business possibilities thus enhancing the selling-buying processes communication and every other aspect happening on the platform. The last two months witnessed greater events like the layoffs of workers, the reappointment of a few, changes in the management and functioning on one side to new elements and tools, enhancing privacy and protection and many other novel features on many others.

Let’s get into the November Social Media Updates.

To Clarify Verification, Elon Musk Outlines New Alternate Color Checkmarks 

To limit the potential of misrepresentation of corporate and government accounts, as Musk advised those profiles will now get a different coloured checkmark, which will ensure that people can’t just buy a blue tick and then pretend to be corporate.

As per Musk: “Gold check for companies, grey check for government, blue for individuals (celebrity or not)

Musk says, “All verified accounts will be manually authenticated before the check activates. Painful, but necessary.” Also, for the traditional blue checkmarks, there’ll be no differentiation between those who’ve been given the marker, and those who’ve paid for it: “All verified individual humans will have the same blue check, as the boundary of what constitutes ‘notable’ is otherwise too subjective.”

There’s also this:

“Individuals can have a secondary tiny logo showing they belong to an org if verified as such by that org.”

So an additional qualifier for spokespeople, CEOs and journalists, is another measure to avoid impersonation. The updated elements will certainly lessen the scope for scam activity, but still, they do also introduce a level of risk, and at the same time, the scheme itself is unlikely to work out as Musk hopes.

Pinterest Adds Support for More Languages in the App

Pinterest as part of its international expansion, announces its next step with the platform adding support for Afrikaans, Croatian and Bulgarian language Pins, broadening global accessibility in the app. 

As per Pinterest: “Every month more than 400 million people come to Pinterest to find the inspiration they need to create the life they love. With millions of Pins in Afrikaans, Croatian and Bulgarian already on the platform, it’s now easier than ever for Pinners to discover fresh ideas, and get inspired for their life’s projects in their preferred language.”

Pinterest is now available in 41 languages, and the platform is working on even more language support tools to enhance this capacity. In the process of maximising its revenue potential, it tries to provide more connections and business options in more regions, which also means more language support.

YouTube Adds Quizzes as a Community Post Option and Expands Visual Editing Tools

YouTube has launched two novel tests for its Community Posts feature, which will give more ways for creators to engage and interact with their audience in the app.

Community Posts are feed-based updates that can be viewed within the ‘Community’ tab and can be accessed on YouTube channels with over 500 subscribers. It’s a social media-style update feed, designed to enhance the engagement with YouTube community besides regular video uploads.

Some new options are made available to drive more Community interactions.

New Visual Editing Tools 

Firstly, YouTube’s expanding its new visual editing process for image-based posts, which provides better ways to compose your Community updates.

YouTube launched the first stage of its visual editing updates on Android back in August and is now making it more broadly available, also with its many editing tools facilitating new ways to enhance your Community Updates and create more engagement.  

YouTube Quizzes

YouTube’s also adding ‘quizzes’ as yet another Community Posting option, providing more ways to facilitate direct engagement and interaction with the viewers.

It’s not easy to say how valuable Community Posts are in developing your YouTube engagement, but they could be a valuable complement to your video uploads, and a tool to share more at a more often pace, with the audience in the app.

Both tests are now live with selected users.

To Protect Young Users from Online Predators, Meta Adds New Tools and Settings 

Meta will implement stricter privacy controls by default on Facebook for all users under the age of 16 who sign up for an account. The more stringent privacy settings will limit who can see their friends list and the pages they follow on the app and will also hide posts that they’re tagged in. It also stops non-connections from commenting on their public posts.

The new measures will ensure that youngsters will have a higher level of privacy in the app. Facebook’s new process ensures that the only people who can see their content, or contact the user, are people who they’ve approved as connections and with Meta’s parental control tools, the features will go a long way toward providing much-needed assurance and protection for young users.

In addition to this, Meta’s also testing a new process which will limit the capacity for kids to connect with ‘suspicious’ adults in its apps. As per Meta: “A ‘suspicious’ account belongs to an adult that may have recently been blocked or reported by a young person, for example.” In those cases, Meta will stop these users from being able to message young users, while it will also remove their accounts as suggestions in young users’ ‘People You May Know recommendations.

“As an extra layer of protection, we’re also testing removing the message button on teens’ Instagram accounts when they’re viewed by suspicious adults altogether.” Meta is also adding new notifications which will encourage young users to make use of its various protective tools and features as they use the app.

WhatsApp Launches New Business Search Functionality, Expands In-Stream Payments

To maximise the business opportunities in messaging, Click-to-Message ads and other direct connection tools are now made utilised. This push also extends to WhatsApp thus facilitating more businesses on it. And on that front, at the first-ever WhatsApp Business Summit in Brazil, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new update that will enable WhatsApp users to search for businesses – by category or name directly in the WhatsApp UI.

Users will be able to search for businesses in a dedicated element through the search function in the app. The search function will include a mini-map so you can check out nearby businesses, along with category filters and verified business accounts, making it easier to access your various in-app shopping options.

That will enhance businesses looking to use WhatsApp as a connection tool – and with WhatsApp usage on the rise, that could now be a much more important consideration. In addition to this, Meta says that it’s also expanding WhatsApp payments.

Social Media is ever evolving and November month also witnessed a lot many updates and events on different platforms. This keeps happening, widening the advancement possibilities which are also influenced by changes in the management hierarchy and in the decisions they make orienting to new horizons of technological advance as we witnessed in the previous two months. 

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