December Social Media Updates

Jan 10, 2023 | Blogs

The last month of the year witnessed few updates across various social media platforms, most of them welcoming bigger changes to be seen in the upcoming year.

A lot happened in the previous months including severe layoffs which drew drastic consequences in the user’s approach and mindset. Now let’s see what happened in December 2022. 

LinkedIn previews B2B products and new job search options upcoming in the new year

New job category filters and improved search options for product listings, some of the planned updates of LinkedIn for 2023 were previewed this December. Over 90,000 product listings are now active on the app with the introduction of provisioning listing of business products on their pages on the platform.

LinkedIn started new job filters which will help job seekers as the filters align with what people are searching for in their next position. LinkedIn will soon test new job listing categories, based on location, company, role flexibility and other factors.

LinkedIn’s also looking forward to adding new category filters for its product listings on the app, offering more discovery potential for its B2B product pages, which it first launched back in 2020.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri provided some insight on the platform’s three key priorities for 2023

As per Mosseri, Instagram’s key elements of focus are:

1. Inspire people to be creative

You can expect to see Instagram adding more visual customization and editing tools, with a more specific focus on AR creation, and integrating 3D objects and experiences in the app.

2. Help people discover things they love

This offers both an opportunity and a major risk for IG, because in order to do this, it needs to shift user behaviour away from what they know and love (seeing the latest posts from people and profiles that they’ve chosen to follow) and into a completely new, TikTok-kinda experience, which is not geared around your own curated social graph.

3. Spark connections between people 

Instagram’s been looking to feed into more people now sharing and discussing posts in DMs and Stories, which is a new shift in social engagement. New additions like ‘Notes’, which enables users to share a conversation prompt in a Stories-like bubble above your Direct inbox are steps in similar thoughts.

This will help to trigger new conversations and engagement opportunities in the app, which could help IG differentiate itself from other apps for engagement around content, as opposed to just focusing on the content itself.

Instagram launches 2022 recap templates for reels

Instagram’s 2022 recap templates were available globally for several weeks into 2023. Once uploaded the recap, it will remain on the Reels tab of respective IG profiles.

Narrations were by popular celebrities and all users had to do was choose one template and add their videos and pictures of 2022 to create a dedicated recap reel.

Updated Format for Tweet View Count Display

The updated format wouldn’t display view counts on tweets in timelines, however, when expanded, the view count on any tweet will be visible.

Highlighting view counts specifically will help people understand how much reach their tweets are getting, which, in turn, might encourage more tweet creation and activity on the platform.

Priority Tweet Ranking, Longer Video Uploads to Twitter’s Blue Subscribers

Twitter’s updated Twitter Blue subscription package adds two more elements now live for paying subscribers, including a prioritised ranking of subscriber tweets.

The highlight of the updated Twitter Blue remains the blue checkmark for paying subscribers so that they can appear as ‘legacy’ checkmark holders in the app. In addition to this, Twitter has also promised to incorporate other enticements for the monthly payment.

Several updates have been undertaken for better experience and functioning. Many new features will be welcomed in the new year which was previewed in December. Advancements in technology to make platforms user-friendly through the updates are welcome. Let’s hope to see better changes in the world of social media in the new year.

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