Ved Gruh Public School

CBSE Board School

Ved Gruh Public School is a CBSE Board School; the exams are very conducive to a positive environment for students. The school aims to not only impart quality knowledge to the students but also ensure overall physical and mental growth. It encourages students to pursue sports alongside studies, and a lot of emphasis is given to the physical growth of the children. It also teaches the students to be good citizens of the country and, above all, good humans.

Project summary

Eerlik Media is happy to be their digital marketing partner. We have built a website for Ved Gruh Public School and actively handling their social media channels. We make sure that the school’s digital appearance is best in the industry.

  • Digital presence (all)
  • Primary focus on website (scalable and futuristic, built on wordpress)
  • Social media post
  • Regular posting on blog sites….google my business …posting/updates
Ved Gruh Public School