Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 You Should Keep Up With

Jan 15, 2021 | Blogs

Digital Marketing trends in 2021
2021 is going to be a different year. Corona has changed our world in an unprecedented way, and 2021 would reflect those changes. The ongoing COVID 19 pandemics has upended how businesses operate. We have seen companies shift their entire operations remotely and many of their strategies have changed drastically. COVID-19 pandemic has changed how marketing works, and if we follow a few marketing trends we will be able to analyze what new digital marketing trends in 2021 will bring and how can be prepared for them.

With the population becoming more and more aware each passing day, it has become pertinent for the digital marketing trends to reflect the ethos of the population. Without taking into consideration what your target audience thinks, you cannot market your brand or product. For example, inclusivity is one of the key themes of contemporary times, and you need to make sure that your ad is not offensive to any race, ethnicity, sexuality, or gender. In the past, we have had a share of sexist ads, which are being ridiculed today. At that time the opinion of women did not matter but now with a lot of awareness people are realizing the need for equality, and it is important for it to reflect in your marketing campaign.

Some Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 to look out for:


As mentioned above, people now want the campaigns to be inclusive, which means that they should appeal to your target audience. Body shaming, color shaming, homophobia is fast becoming the things of the past. Greater numbers by the day, especially younger audiences, and marginalized groups, want to see a more optimistic depiction of equality in the content they consume and the brands they purchase from. Or more accurately, they do not want to see the same homogeneous content we’re accustomed to from previous decades.

Google’s featured snippet

Featured snippets are selected search results that are displayed on top of Google’s organic results. SEO experts cannot stress enough its importance, and in 2021 digital marketing trends will be all about featured snippets. The featured snippet is a little different from other search result entries because it is separated by a small box and located at the top, and it also displays extra, relevant information. For example, if you type a question in the search box, the result will give you the most relevant answer. The featured snippet will attempt at answering your question without you needing to click on it. The brands, through their digital marketing, are trying to capture this space.

Image and video SEO

Yes, there is a reverse image search on Google, but it has not been explored efficiently. 2021 we believe will change it. More users and discovering these visual search techniques, which means that the overall landscape of SEO will change. Some of the tips to improve the image and video SEO are-

Always include alt text in your image descriptions
Add images to your sitemap
Include your target keywords in the file the name of your image

Interactive content

Now it is not a new thing. It has been on the internet for a while. But its importance increased manifolds during the pandemic when people started spending more time on the internet. Interactive content does not just promote more engagement, it also improves the user’s enjoyment.

Interactive content like quizzes, open-ended questions, surveys, contests, giveaways, polls, calculator widgets, etc can boost your brand in many ways, the least of which is that they can increase the time the user spends on your website. People like personalized content more than general, vague ones, and interactive content is a step towards personalization. By allowing the users to answer for themselves and getting their opinion heard, you give them an opportunity to feel personally connected to your brand

Google My Business and Local SEO

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool from Google that helps business owners manage their online presence across the search engine and its growing portfolio of utilities. If you are an experienced SEO professional, you can optimize GMB using local SEO. It is important for digital marketers to create a GMB listing. It gives a much-needed boost to bands seeking local exposure.


A chatbot is artificial intelligence (AI) software that can stimulate a conversation with a user in a natural language through applications, websites, telephone. It forms a part of interactive content and is often lauded as one of the most advanced and promising expressions of interaction between humans and machines. A digital marketing strategy in 2021 cannot be complete without including chat boxes. A chatbot is the best way to understand the aspirations and expectations of your clients without human interaction.

Social Media Ads

These three social media platforms are extremely important for the success of any digital marketing campaign. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter target different kinds of audiences, and smart digital marketing involves designing ads keeping in mind the sensibilities of the users of all three platforms.

We hope 2021 brings a plethora of exciting news and more opportunities for us to explore the fascinating world of digital marketing.